Donations in kind

Financial support is absolutely essential to running the MCRC. Nonetheless, some costs can be saved thanks to the engagement of friends and can, in turn, be used to the benefit of the children and mothers. Donations in kind are collected in Germany and are brought to Addis Ababa through friends. We would like to thank all of our organizers and frequent flyers for their year-long commitment! Even if your job does not include a frequent traveler’s schedule, we are delighted about any help you can give us.

Please contact the MCRC Support Team at, in case you would like to donate anything. We will gladly support you in all logistical and organizational matters.

What is needed?

Clothing for children and women



School materials

English language games and books

Home textiles




In order to provide school uniforms, rent costs, work material, food and health care, the MCRC relies on donations.